Project Description

Norfolk Woods Resort & Spa

Key Features: 15 x 10m Swimming Pool with swimming lanes, 7.8 x 6m toddler pool with features and a 10 x 10m Splash Pad

At Norfolk Woods Resort and Spa, we designed and installed a fantastic 15 x 10 metre swimming pool with swimming lanes, along with a 7.8 x 6 metre children’s pool with water play features. We alsoinstalled a fantastic 10 x 10 metre, highly themed splash pad with tall grasses and flowers to suit the woodland location. We designed an eye-catching, rubber crumb play base with features such as floor jets, tall grass and flower play features, with the highlight being a ‘dewdrop’ tipping bucket. Across the hopscotch bridge and lily pads, there is even a separate area for smaller children. Here, there are even more features, including ant floor jets and a low level ‘pollen ball’ that sprays water.

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