Pool & Spa Construction Services

We offer a full range of pool and spa construction services, from the design and engineering, right through to the construction and finishes. We work with you and your design team from the beginning of the project, to ensure the pool is built to your requirements and so that it all runs smoothly after we have completed our work. Our construction projects are completed with full training and manuals to help with the day to day running of the pool.

Pool Construction

Our pool construction teams are all overseen by our expert pool engineers, who ensure that our projects run smoothly, whilst incorporating their technical know-how to ensure the pool system runs effectively. We do everything from the pool shell construction, to all the plant room and pipe work behind the scenes.

Tiling Services

Our tiling teams are highly skilled tradesmen and always finish off the job perfectly. The tiling after all, is the most visible part of the pool to the users, so a high-quality finish is very important to us. A neat job always shows off a quality product at its best and safest.

Rendering Services

Rendering provides a smooth base and seal for the main pool tiling and is important to get this right. Our renderers have top of the range equipment to get this done efficiently and precisely.

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